Hollweck, Josef

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Canonist; b. Pfaffenhofen (Bavaria), Jan. 16, 1854;d. Eichstätt, March 10, 1926. He was ordained in 1879, and from 1892 until his death he was professor of Canon Law at the episcopal lyceum in Eichstätt. On occasion he also gave courses in homilectics, patrology, catachetics, and Church history. In 1906 he became dean of the cathedral chapter of Eichstätt. He was particularly active as a consultor in the codification of Canon Law. Although the author of a number of historical works, he is noted especially for his works on Canon Law, which include Die kirchlichen Strajgesetze (Mainz 1899), Das kirchliche Bücherverbot (Mainz 1897), Das Testament des Geistlichen (Mainz 1901), and Lehrbuch des kath. Kirchenrechts (Mainz 1900; ed. P. Hergenröhter in 1905).

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