Gnazzo, Anthony J(oseph)

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Gnazzo, Anthony J(oseph)

Gnazzo, Anthony J(oseph), American composer; b. Plainville, Conn., April 21, 1936. He studied theory at the Hartt School of Music in Hartford, Conn. (B.A., 1957), mathematics at the Univ. of Hartford (B.A., 1963), and theory with Krenek, Berger, and Shapero at Brandeis Univ. (M.F.A., 1965; Ph.D., 1970). He was an instructor in electronic system design at the Univ. of Toronto (1965-66), and director of the tape-music center at Mills Coll. in Oakland, Calif. (1967-69); in 1974 he became an audio technician at the electronic music studio at Calif. State Univ. at Hayward. His compositions include text-sound pieces, electronic scores, environmental pieces, and kinetic sculpture.


VOCAL Eden for Narrator and 7 Instruments (1964); Music for Large Vocal Groups (1966; rev. 1969); The Question, oratorio for Chorus (1969); Prime Source Nos. 1-23 (1971-79); End Sheets for Mixed Voices (1986); A:10 for Mixed Voices (1991). Piano : Music for 2 Pianos and Electronic Sound (1964); Music for Piano and Instruments (1974); Riding the Thorny Shrub of Hearing for Piano (1992). T a p e : Stereo Radio I and 17 (1970), III (1971), IV and V (1972); Music for Cello and Tape I (1971) and II (1974); The Art of Canning Music (1976); Image/Delusion (1980); 2-Pulse (1983); Museum Piece 1 (1990). M i x e d M e d i a : Theater Piece I-XXVI (1967-71); 10 Pieces for Pauline Oliveros (1969); Compound Skull Fracture for Actor, Tape, and Slides (1975; in collaboration with J. Cuno); Waiting for JB (1980); Lontano for Narrator, Tape, and Slides (1982); Visionary Romp (1986); Terra, Terra, Terra (1991). OTHER: Chamber Music for 13 Instruments (1965); Cross-cut for Paul Hertelendy for 3 Electric Saws and String Orch. (1969); Tighten Up for 4 Rock Groups (1970); incidental music; dance scores; film and television music.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire