Wickramasinghe, Nalin Chandra

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WICKRAMASINGHE, Nalin Chandra. British (born Sri Lanka), b. 1939. Genres: Poetry, Adult non-fiction, Astronomy, Mathematics/Statistics, Physics. Career: Jesus College, Cambridge, fellow, 1963-73, tutor, 1971-73; Cardiff University, joined faculty, 1973, professor of applied mathematics and astronomy, 1988-, director of Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology, 2000-. Publications: Interstellar Grains, 1967; Light Scattering Functions with Applications in Astronomy, 1973; The Cosmic Laboratory, 1975; (with D.J. Morgan) Solid State Astrophysics, 1976; Is Life a Cosmic Phenomenon?, 1982; Fundamental Studies and the Future of Science, 1984; with F. Hoyle- Lifecloud, 1978; Diseases from Space, 1979; Evolution from Space, 1981; Space Travellers, The Bringers of Life, 1981; Why Neo-Darwinism Does Not Work, 1982; Proofs That Life Is Cosmic, 1983; From Grains to Bacteria, 1984; (ed.) Living Comets, 1985; (with J. Watkins) Viruses from Space, 1985; Archaeopteryx-The Primordial Bird: A Case of Fossil Forgery, 1986; Cosmic Life Force, 1988; The Theory of Cosmic Grains, 1991; Our Place in the Cosmos, 1993; (with D. Ikeda) The Wonders of Life and The Universe, 1993; Glimpses of Life, Time and Space (anthology of poems), 1994; Life on Mars? The Case for a Cosmic Heritage, 1997; Space and Eternal Life, 1998; Astronomical Origins of Life, 2000; Cosmic Dragons, 2001. Address: 24 Llwynypia Rd, Lisvane, Cardiff CF14 0SY, Wales. Online address: [email protected]