Wages of Fear

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Wages of Fear ★★★★ Le Salaire de la Peur 1955

American oil company controls a desolate Central American town whose citizens desperately want out—so desperately that four are willing to try a suicide mission to deliver nitroglycerine to put out a well-fire raging 300 miles away. The company's cynical head has offered $2000 to each man, enough to finance escape from the hell-hole they live in. Complex, multi-dimensional drama concentrates on character development for the first half—crucial to the film's greatness. This is the restored version. Remade by William Friedkin as “Sorcerer” in 1977. Based on a novel by Georges Arnaud. In French with English subtitles. 138m/B VHS, DVD . FR Yves Montand, Charles Vanel, Peter Van Eyck, Vera Clouzot, Folco Lulli, William Tubbs; D: Henri-Georges Clouzot; W: Henri-Georges Clouzot; C: Armand Thirard; M: Georges Auric. British Acad. ‘54: Film; Cannes ‘53: Actor (Vanel), Film.

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Wages of Fear

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