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Waghemakere Family. Flemish architects based in Antwerp. Herman de Waghemakere (c.1430–1503) was Master of the Works at Antwerp Cathedral, where, in 1474, he was engaged in building the north-western tower to the second stage, and other works, including the completion of the nave, north aisle, and chapel of the Holy Circumcision (1473–1503). His masterpiece is the Church of St Jacob, Antwerp, begun 1491, but he was also responsible for much of the fabric of St Gommarius, Lier (ambulatory, choir, and Lady Chapel—1473–85), St Willibrord, Hulst, The Netherlands (1482–7), and the Vleeshuis (Butcher's House), Antwerp (1501). His son, Domien or Dominikus de Waghemakere (c.1460–1542), assisted Herman at St Gommarius, Lier (1494), completed the upper stages of the north-western tower of Antwerp Cathedral (1502–42), completed the Church of St Jacob, Antwerp (1502–42), and, with Rombout Keldermans, built the Maison du Roi, Brussels (1514–23), the Town Hall, Ghent (1517–33), and the Handelsbeurs (Exchange), Antwerp (1531—destroyed).


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Waghemakere Family

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