Kelderman van Mansdale

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Kelderman van Mansdale or Keldermans. Important family of C15 and C16 architects from Mechelen (Malines), Belgium. The most distinguished members were Anthonis I, the Elder (1450–1512) and Rombout II (c.1460–1531). Anthonis designed the tower of the Town Hall, Middelburg, The Netherlands (1507–12), and worked on the choir of St Lawrence's Church, Alkmaar (1497–1512), among other projects, while Rombout worked with Waghemakere on the Town Hall at Gent (Ghent), Belgium (1517–33). Rombout designed the Flamboyant Gothic Hôtel de Savoie in Mechelen (1515–17) to which Guyot de Beauregard (d. 1551) applied the first Renaissance façade in Belgium (1517–26). Rombout also completed the great tower of St Rombout, Mechelen.


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