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Vlad ★½ 2003

Four grad students travel to Romania to study the vile legend of Vlad Drakul (aka Dracula) per a Bucharest professor's request. While inside his tomb (what could possibly go wrong?) they end up taking a harrowing trip back in time thanks to a mysterious necklace. 98m/ C VHS, DVD . Billy Zane, Brad Dourif, Francesco Quinn, John Rhys-Davies, Claudiu Bleont, Paul Popowich, Kam Heskin, Nicholas Irons, Monica Davidescu, Iva Hasperger, Emil Hostina, Guy Siner, Mircea Stoian, Andreea Macelaru, Alin Panc, Alexandera Velniciuc, Zoltan Butuc, Anca-Ioana Androne, Adrian Pintea, Ian Ionescu, Catalin Rotaru, Cristian Popa; D: Michael D. Sellers; W: Michael D. Sellers, Tony Shawkat; C: Viorel Sergovici Jr.; M: Christopher Field. VIDEO