Twist 2003

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Twist ★★★ 2003

Dark adaption of the Charles Dicken's Oliver Twist novel set amongst the street hustlers and heroin junkies of Toronto's streets. Oliver (Close), a teenage runaway meets up with Dodge (Stahl), a young prostitute. Dodge introduces him to the life of street hustling and the protective wing of Fagin (Farmer), the local pimp. A mindful presence, but not seen on screen is Bill the drug dealer, who controls both Fagin and his lover Nancy (Pelletier), a waitress at the diner where Fagin's boys often hang out. Despite what the title would suggest, the focus of the movie is Dodge as he plies his trade to further his heroin addiction. Works mainly because the young actors are so genuine and compelling. 97m/C DVD . CA Nick Stahl, Gary Farmer, Michelle-Barbara Pelletier, Joshua Close, Brigid Tierney, Stephen McHattie, Gary Farmer, Tygh Runyan; D: Jacob Tierney; W: Jacob Tierney; C: Gerald Packer; M: Ron Proulx.