Twister 1996

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Twister ★★½ 1996 (PG-13)

Director De Bont's sophomore directorial effort is another nonstop adrenaline drive, but instead of a mad bomber, nature is the bad guy. Hunt leads a team of storm chasing scientists through Oklahoma in hopes of placing robotic sensors inside a tornado. Hunt's soon-to-be ex-husband Paxton rejoins the chase, to spice things up when the skies clear. There's a lot of things flying around, including trucks, houses, cows and the plausibility of the plot. Some nice chemistry between Hunt and Paxton, apparently the only people who can still look attractive in high winds and blowing debris. 105m/C VHS, DVD, Blu-ray Disc . Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, Cary Elwes, Jami Gertz, Alan Ruck, Lois Smith, Sean M. Whalen, Gregory Sporleder, Abraham Benrubi, Jake Busey, Joey Slotnick, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeremy Davies, Zach Grenier, Richard Lineback, Rusty Schwimmer, Alexa Vega; D: Jan De Bont; W: Michael Crichton, Anne-Marie Martin; C: Jack N. Green; M: Mark Mancina. MTV Movie Awards ‘97: Action Seq.