Twisted 2004

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Twisted ★½ 2004 (R)

Judd stars as police detective Jessica Shepard in a sleazy, predictable thriller. Jessica likes to drink herself into blackout stupors and have onenight stands, until her hookups start turning up dead. Somehow, she ends up in charge of the murder investigation and must hunt down the killer while wondering what she has to do with the crimes. Partner Mike (Garcia) and Police Commissioner Mills (Jackson) are there to keep the pressure on. Oh yeah, and her father went crazy and killed a bunch of people, too. Convoluted backstory, lame plot, and yet another “Ashley Judd in trouble” role adds up to a mediocre turkey and a precipitous step down for director Kaufman. 96m/C DVD . US Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia, Russell Wong, David Strathairn, Camryn Manheim, Mark Pellegrino, Titus Welliver, D.W. Moffett, Richard T. Jones, Leland Orser; D: Philip Kaufman; W: Sarah Thorp; C: Peter Deming; M: Mark Isham.