Twisted 1996

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Twisted ★★ 1996

Apt title for a contemporary gay version of “Oliver Twist” set in New York. Homeless 10yearold orphan Lee (Graves) is brought into the seedy world of brothel owner Andre (Hickey). The youngster is befriended by Angel (Norona) a drugaddicted hustler who's under the sway of abusive pimp Eddie (Crivello). Along with bighearted drag queen Shiniqua (Porter), Angel tries to rescue Lee from a sordid life. A stylized, operatic melodrama. 100m/C VHS, DVD . Keivyn McNeil Graves, William Hickey, David Norona, Anthony Crivello, Billy Porter; D: Seth Michael Donsky; W: Seth Michael Donsky; C: Hernan Toto.