Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game ★★½ Everybody's Cheering 1949

Williams manages a baseball team, locks horns with players Sinatra and Kelly, and wins them over with song. Naturally, there's a water ballet scene. Contrived and forced, but enjoyable. ♫Take Me Out to the Ball Game; The Hat My Father Wore on St. Patrick's Day; O'Brien to Ryan to Goldberg; The Right Girl for Me; It's Fate, Baby, It's Fate; Yes, Indeedy; Strictly U.S.A. 93m/C VHS, DVD . Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Esther Williams, Jules Munshin, Betty Garrett, Edward Arnold, Tom Dugan, Richard Lane; D: Busby Berkeley; W: Harry Tugend, George Wells; C: George J. Folsey; M: Roger Edens.