Swinburne, Richard (Granville)

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SWINBURNE, Richard (Granville)

SWINBURNE, Richard (Granville). British, b. 1934. Genres: Philosophy, Theology/Religion. Career: Fereday Fellow, St. John's College, Oxford, 1958-61; Leverhulme Research Fellow in the History and Philosophy of Science, University of Leeds, Yorks., 1961-63; Lecturer in Philosophy, 1963-69, and Sr. Lecturer, 1969-72, University of Hull, Yorks.; Professor of Philosophy, University of Keele, 1972-84; Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion, Oxford University, 1985-2002. Visiting Professor at universities throughout the world. Publications: Space and Time, 1968, 2nd ed., 1981; The Concept of Miracle, 1971; An Introduction to Confirmation Theory, 1973; The Coherence of Theism, 1977, 2nd ed., 1993; The Existence of God, 1979, 2nd ed., 1991; Faith and Reason, 1981; (with S. Shoemaker) Personal Identity, 1984; The Evolution of the Soul, 1986, 2nd ed., 1997; Responsibility and Atonement, 1989; Revelation, 1992; The Christian God, 1994; Is There a God?, 1996; Providence and the Problem of Evil, 1998; Epistemic Justification, 2001; The Resurrection of God Incarnate, 2003. EDITOR: The Justification of Induction, 1974; Space, Time and Causality, 1983; Miracles, 1989; Bayes's Theorem, 2002. Address: 50 Butler Close, Oxford OX2 6JG, England. Online address: [email protected]