The Secret of My Success

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The Secret of My Success ★★ 1987 (PG-13)

Country bumpkin Fox goes to the Big Apple to make his mark. He becomes the corporate mailboy who rises meteorically to the top of his company (by impersonating an executive) in order to win the love of an icy woman executive. He spends his days running frantically between his real job in the mailroom and his fantasy position, with various sexual shenanigans with the boss's wife thrown in to keep the viewer alert. Fox is charismatic while working with a clicheridden script that ties up everything very neatly at the end. 110m/C VHS, DVD . Michael J. Fox, Helen Slater, Richard Jordan, Margaret Whitton, Fred Gwynne; D: Herbert Ross; W: Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr., A.J. Carothers; C: Carlo Di Palma; M: David Foster.

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The Secret of My Success

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