The Secret Invasion

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The Secret Invasion ★★½ 1964

In 1943, British intelligence officer Major Richard Mace (Granger) offers pardons to five criminals (Vallone, Rooney, Byrnes, Silva, Campbell) in return for their expertise. Their mission is to rescue an Italian general who has promised that his troops will switch sides and fight for the allies. Said general is imprisoned by the Nazis in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia. Only the general they rescue turns out to be an imposter, which sorta complicates things. Actioner was welldone by Corman before 1967's “The Dirty Dozen.” 95m/C DVD . Stewart Granger, Raf Vallone, Mickey Rooney, Edd Byrnes, William Campbell, Henry Silva, Spela Rozin, Helmo Kinderman, Enzo Fiermonte, Peter Coe; D: Roger Corman; W: Arthur E. Arling; C: Hugo Friedhofer.

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The Secret Invasion

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