The Second Track

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The Second Track ★★ Das Zweite Gleis 1962

Brock, a train inspector, witnesses a robbery at the railyard and recognizes one of the thieves from his wartime days, though he hides the fact from the police. But Brock's daughter has become curious about her father's past and her investigation uncovers some Naziera secrets that the thief (and her father) want to stay hidden. German with subtitles. 80m/B DVD . GE Walter Richter, Erik S. Klein, Albert Hetterle, Annekathrin Burger, Horst Jonischkan, Helga Goring; D: Joachim Kunert; W: Joachim Kunert, Gunter Kunert; C: Rolf Sohre; M: Pavol Simai.

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The Second Track

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