The Second Chance

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The Second Chance ★★ 2006 (PG-13)

Ethan (Smith) is a young pastor preaching the faith from his dad's ministry via a protected world of TV performances to mostly rich white folks. As a lesson, he's sent to work with the troubled members of an urban black church led by Jake (Carr), a move that he initially rebuffs, but eventually Jake makes him see the error of his ways. Fans of popular Christian rock singer Smith will enjoy his first foray into film. 102m/C DVD . US Michael W. Smith, J. Don Ferguson, Lisa Arrindell Anderson, David Alford, Jeff Obafemi Carr, Henry Haggard, Kenda Benward, Jonathan Thomas, Calvin Hobson, Bobby Daniels, Shirley Cody, Peggy Walton Walker, Vilia Steele; D: Steve Taylor; W: Steve Taylor, Henry O. Arnold, Ben Pearson; C: Ben Pearson; M: Michael W. Smith.