The Sea Wolf 1993

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The Sea Wolf ★★ 1993

Yet another adaptation of Jack London's classic battle of wills tale. Captain Wolf Larsen (Bronson) commands a surly ship of seal hunters through sheer ruthlessness and ego. He rescues snobbish theatre critic Van Weyden (Reeve) and pretty scam artist Flaxen (Stewart) from a capsized ferry. The selfeducated captain wants to test out his theories about survival of the fittest by making the rich Van Weyden his cabin boy (Flaxen gets leered at). Lots of teethgnashing and bellowing in this turgid TV remake, although Revill has fun as the sniveling Cookie. See the Edward G. Robinson version instead. 120m/C VHS . Charles Bronson, Christopher Reeve, Catherine Mary Stewart, Clive Revill; D: Michael Anderson Sr.; W: Andrew J. Fenady; M: Charles Bernstein.