The Sea Inside

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The Sea Inside ★★★ Mar Adentro 2004 (PG-13)

Poignant, unsentimental, factbased drama based on the life of Spanish quadriplegic Ramon Sampedro, who tried for some 30 years for the right to commit assisted suicide. Paralyzed in a diving accident, Ramon (Bardem) becomes a cause celebre as he lies bedridden, cared for by his religious family who are opposed to his decision. He builds his case with the help of his lawyer Julia (Rueda), who suffers herself from a degenerative disease. Ramon also inspires Rosa (Duenas), a neighbor who tries to convince the singleminded man to live and then falls in love with him. Bardem does an amazing job since, except for some brief flashbacks and fantasies, his movement is limited to his neck and head. The real Sampedro wrote poetry and a bestselling memoir, gave numerous interviews, and filmed his assisted suicide (in 1998) so it could be shown on TV. Spanish with subtitles. 125m/C DVD . Javier Bardem, Celso Bugallo, Jose Maria Pou, Belen Rueda, Lola Duenas, Mabel Rivera, Clara Segura, Joan Dalmau, Alberto Jimenez, Tamar Novas, Francesc Garrido; D: Alejandro Amenabar; W: Alejandro Amenabar, Mateo Gil; C: Javier Aguirresarobe; M: Alejandro Amenabar. Oscars '04: Foreign Film; Golden Globes '05: Foreign Film; Ind. Spirit '05: Foreign Film.