The Search

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The Search ★★★½ 1948

Clift, an American solider stationed in postWWII Berlin, befriends a homeless nineyearold amnesiac boy (Jandl) and tries to find his family. Meanwhile, his mother has been searching the Displaced Persons camps for her son. Although Clift wants to adopt the boy, he steps aside, and mother and son are finally reunited. “The Search” was shot on location in the American Occupied Zone of Germany. Jandl won a special juvenile Oscar in his first (and only) film role. This was also Clift's first screen appearance, although this movie was actually filmed after his debut in “Red River,” it was released first. 105m/B VHS . Montgomery Clift, Aline MacMahon, Ivan Jandl, Jarmila Novotna, Wendell Corey; D: Fred Zinnemann; W: Paul Jarrico. Oscars '48: Story; Golden Globes '49: Screenplay.