The Sculptress

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The Sculptress ★★ 1997

Troubled writer Rosalind Leigh (Goodall) prepares to interview convicted killer Olive Martin (Quirke), who five years before was found with the dead bodies of her mother and sister. Nicknamed “The Sculptress” for the gruesome nature of the murders, the equally troubled Olive is also a convincing liar. Although Olive says she's guilty, Roz is certain she's hiding something and becomes determined to discover the truth. Very creepy. Made for British TV; based on the novel by Minette Walters. 180m/C VHS, DVD . GB Caroline Goodall, Pauline Quirke, Christopher Fulford, Dermot Crowley, David Horovitch, Jay Villiers, Lynda Rooke; D: Stuart Orme; W: Reg Gadney; C: Gavin Finney; M: Colin Towns. TV