The Portrait 1993

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The Portrait ★★★ 1993

Longtime real-life friends Bacall and Peck onscreen together for the first time in 37 years prove they are still shining stars as they play aging parents to Peck's real-life daughter, Cecilia Peck. The younger Peck is an artist preparing for a exhibition and asks her parents to sit for a portrait. This is the pole around which their relationships and reconciliations swing in this emotional drama based loosely on Tina Howe's 1983 off-Broadway play, “Painting Churches.” 89m/ C VHS . Lauren Bacall, Gregory Peck, Cecilia Peck, Paul McCrane, Joyce O'Connor, Donna Mitchell, Mitchell Laurance, William Prince, Augusta Dabney; D: Arthur Penn; W: Lynn Roth, Jack Darcus; M: Michael Conway Baker. CABLE

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The Portrait 1993

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