The Postman 1997

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The Postman ★ 1997 (R)

It's postapocalypse time (the year's 2013), with a nameless drifter (Costner) assuming the role of a postal carrier in order to bring hope to a devasted town terrorized by maruading hooligans, led by General Bethlehem (Patton). If you fancy deadpan dialogue and can swallow the image of a mail carrier as the symbol for patriotism, then this one's for you. Overall, Costner offers nothing new to the genre of the stranger offering hope, and soon flick becomes a cornball exercise and extravagant waste of time for all involved. Costner's first directing effort since “Dances with Wolves.” It's time someone told Kevin to get out of the epic business and stick to the “everyday Joe” roles. 170m/C VHS, DVD . Kevin Costner, Larenz Tate, Will Patton, Olivia Williams, James Russo, Tom Petty, Daniel von Bargen, Scott Bairstow, Giovanni Ribisi, Roberta Maxwell, Joe Santos, Peggy Lipton, Ron McLarty, Rex Linn, Todd Allen, Shawn Hatosy; D: Kevin Costner; W: Brian Helgeland, Eric Roth; C: Stephen Windon; M: James Newton Howard. Golden Raspberries '97: Worst Picture, Worst Actor (Costner), Worst Director (Costner), Worst Screenplay, Worst Song (Entire Song Score).

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The Postman 1997

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