The Pompatus of Love

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The Pompatus of Love ★★½ 1995 (R)

Remember Steve Miller's song “The Joker”?—well, that's where the title comes from—and we still don't know what it means. But the film's about four New York guys and the mystery of women. They may be (reasonably) bright and literate but they still don't have a clue about love or how to growup. Naturally, the women they know—or meet—are all too smart for them. 99m/C VHS, DVD . Jon Cryer, Tim Guinee, Adrian Pasdar, Adam Oliensis, Kristen Wilson, Dana WheelerNicholson, Paige Turco, Mia Sara, Kristin Scott Thomas, Arabella Field, Jennifer Tilly, Roscoe Lee Browne; D: Richard Schenkman; W: Jon Cryer, Adam Oliensis, Richard Schenkman; C: Russell Fine; M: John Hill. VIDEO

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The Pompatus of Love

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