The Pope Must Diet

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The Pope Must Diet ★½ The Pope Must Die 1991 (R)

Coltrane stars as a misfit who accidentally becomes Pope Dave I. Living up to the benevolence suggested by his title, Pope Dave proposes to use Vatican money to create a children's fund. But there are those in the organization who have different, less noble plans for the cash, and soon Dave finds himself the target of a mob hit. Frantic comedy caused a stir with its original title “The Pope Must Die,” with many newspapers refusing to run ads for the film. This, coupled with lukewarm critical reviews, led to a very brief stint at the boxoffice. 87m/C VHS . GB Robbie Coltrane, Alex Rocco, Beverly D'Angelo, Herbert Lom, Paul Bartel, Salvatore Cascio, Balthazar Getty; D: Peter Richardson; M: Anne Dudley.

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The Pope Must Diet

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