Poor White Trash 2000

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Poor White Trash ★½ 2000 (R)

One-note comedy. Buddies Mike (Denman) and Lennie's (Tierney) prank on a local store owner backfires and the boys are in big-time trouble that could be eased if they had money for defense attorney Ron (Devane). So Mike's trailer-trash mom, Linda (Young), and her boy toy Brian (London) agree to help the dummies raise the money through some burglaries that, of course, get botched. The gags are repeated so often that they lose what humor they minimally possessed. 85m/C VHS, DVD . Jacob Tierney, Sean Young, Jason London, Tony Denman, William Devane, Jaime Pressly, M. Emmet Walsh, Tim Kazurinsky; D: Michael Addis; W: Michael Addis; C: Peter Kowalski; M: Tree Adams.

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Poor White Trash 2000

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