Poor Man's Game

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Poor Man's Game ★★★ Poor Boy's Game 2006 (R)

Provocative look at racism and redemption. White working-class Donnie Rose (Sutherland, son of Donald) is released from prison after serving 10 years for the brutal beating of a black man named Keith Carvery, who was left brain damaged. The racially-motivated incident has continued to divide the black and white communities of Halifax. Having boxed in the joint, Donnie agrees to a grudge match with local fisticuffs star Ossie (Alexander), a violent friend of the Carvery family. After much soul-searching, George Carvery (a strong Glover) decides that an eye-for-an-eye has to stop and he offers to become Donnie's trainer so he'll have a chance to survive. 104m/C DVD . CA Danny Glover, Rossif Sutherland, Flex Alexander, Stephen McHattie, Tonya Lee Williams, Greg Bryk, K.C. Collins, Laura Reagan; D: Clement Virgo; W: Chaz Thorne, Clement Virgo; C: Luc Montpellier; M: Bryon Kent Wong.