My Favorite Wife

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My Favorite Wife ★★★ 1940

Handsome widower Nick (Grant) has just married Bianca (Patrick) only to discover that first wife Ellen (Dunne), shipwrecked seven years earlier and presumed dead, has reappeared. Ellen wants Nick back and makes him jealous by revealing that she spent her island sojourn with fellow survivor, Stephen (Scott). Eventually, a judge must decide what to do about their most unusual situation. Farcical and hilarious story filled with a clever cast. The 1963 remake “Move Over Darling” lacks the style and wit of this presentation. 88m/ B VHS, DVD . Ann Shoemaker, Granville Bates, Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, Gail Patrick, Scotty Beckett; D: Garson Kanin; W: Samuel Spewack, Bella Spewack, Leo McCarey; C: Rudolph Mate; M: Roy Webb.