My Father the Hero

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My Father the Hero ★★ 1993 (PG)

Another adaptation of a French film (“Mon Pere, Ce Heroes”) finds 14-year-old Heigl on an island paradise with divorced dad Depardieu, passing him off as her boyfriend (without his knowledge) to impress a cute boy, causing obvious misunderstandings. Depardieu shows a flair for physical comedy, but his talent is wasted in a role that's vaguely disturbing; one of the few funny moments finds him unwittingly singing “Thank Heaven For Little Girls” to a horrified audience. For the preteen set only, others will probably find it a waste of time. Top notch actress Thompson's surprising (uncredited) cameo is due to her friendship with Depardieu. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Gerard Depardieu, Katherine Heigl, Dalton James, Lauren Hutton, Faith Prince; Cameos: Emma Thompson; D: Steve Miner; W: Francis Veber, Charlie Peters; M: David Newman.