My Fellow Americans

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My Fellow Americans ★★ 1996 (PG-13)

Political “Odd Couple” pits cantankerous conservative Kramer (Lemmon) against womanizing liberal Douglas (Garner) when current President Aykroyd frames his two predecessors for a White House scandal. The age-old adversaries must set aside their differences long enough to clear their names by reaching Kramer's presidential library, where he has vindicating papers. Along the way, they encounter adventure, danger and “the people,” the average Americans they used to work for. “Grumpy Old Men” veteran Lemmon is plenty cranky while Garner's charisma is a suitable foil. The ironic “charm” of course banter from the mouths of two ex-Presidents is supposed to carry much of the humor, but instead wears thin. Supporting characters (Aykroyd, Bacall) aren't as well used as the two main characters. Mainly for Lemmon, Garner, and “Grumpy” fans. 96m/C VHS, DVD . Dan Aykroyd, James Garner, Jack Lemmon, John Heard, Sela Ward, Wilford Brimley, Everett McGill, Bradley Whitford, Lauren Bacall, James Rebhorn, Esther Rolle, Conchata Ferrell, Jack Kehler, Tom Everett, Jeff Yagher; D: Peter Segal; W: E. Jack Kaplan, Richard Chapman, Peter Tolan; C: Julio Macat; M: William Ross.