My First Mister

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My First Mister ★★½ 2001 (R)

Explores the delicate friendship between two lost and lonely souls. Teenaged Jennifer (Sobieski) is a goth girl whose look and attitude alienates both school and family members. Looking for a job, she is unexpectedly hired as a stock clerk by men's clothing salesman, Randall (Brooks), a middle-aged conservative in both dress and manner. They discover they have a number of feelings in common, although Randall is careful never to let their relationship get out of control. Film does take an unfortunate turn towards the maudlin when we learn that Randall is dying but the leads keep sentimentality fairly well-checked. 109m/C VHS, DVD . US Albert Brooks, Leelee Sobieski, Desmond Harrington, Carol Kane, Michael McKean, Mary Kay Place, John Goodman, Lisa Jane Persky; D: Christine Lahti; W: Jill Franklyn; C: Jeffrey Jur; M: Steve Porcaro.