My Girl 2

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My Girl 2 ★★½ 1994 (PG)

It's 1974 and Chlumsky is back as Vada (this time without Culkin, given the killer bee attack in MG1) in this innocent coming-of-ager. Portly Aykroyd and flaky Curtis return as parental window dressing who encourage Vada's search for information on her long-dead mother. She tracks down old friends of her mom's (Masur and Rose) who are having difficulties with their obnoxious adolescent son (O'Brien). Predictable, but enjoyable. Certain to fail the credibility test of nit-pickers who may wonder why the only thing Aykroyd can remember of his first wife is that she left behind a paper bag with a date scribbled on it. 99m/C VHS, DVD . Anna Chlumsky, Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Austin O'Brien, Richard Masur, Christine Ebersole, Ben Stein; D: Howard Zieff; W: Janet Kovalcik; C: Paul Elliott; M: Cliff Eidelman.