My Date With Drew

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My Date With Drew ★★★ 2005 (PG)

That would be actress Drew Barrymore, whom struggling filmmaker Herzlinger idolizes. He gives himself 30 days (since Herzlinger must return his video camera to the electronics store in that time in order to get a refund—yes, it's really low-budget). He must also attract her attention and not have her think he's a crazed stalker (he's actually kind of funny in an insecure way). And in the case of this documentary, it's all about the quest and not the outcome, which will not be revealed. 90m/C DVD . US Brian Herzinger; D: Jon Gunn, Brian Herzinger, Brett Winn; C: Jon Gunn, Brian Herzinger, Brett Winn; M: Steven Stern, Stuart Hart.