My Boy Jack

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My Boy Jack ★★½ 2007

British author Rudyard Kipling (Haig, who also wrote the 1997 play the TV movie is based on) pulls strings that allow his only son, teenager Jack (Radcliffe), to enlist in the army in WWI in spite of the boy's bad eyesight. This is done over the objections of his American wife Caroline (Cattrall). When Jack is reported missing in 1915 in his first battle, the patriotic Kipling is overwhelmed by guilt and grief and spends years searching for answers before Jack's death is confirmed. 120m/C DVD . GB David Haig, Daniel Radcliffe, Kim Cattrall, Carey Mulligan, Julian Wadham, Martin McCann, Richard Dormer; D: Brian Kirk; W: David Haig; C: David Odd; M: Adrian Johnston. TV