My Boss's Daughter

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My Boss's Daughter ★ 2003 (PG-13)

Spoof-meister Zucker should have let this one stay on the shelf where someone had wisely left it. Instead, Kutcher and Reid are at the center of a gaggle of tasteless and largely unfunny mishaps and gags. Tom (Kutcher) is a clueless schlub who works for Jack (Stamp), a tough-as-nails publishing exec. Wanting to further his career and get in good with Jack's party-hearty but pretty daughter Lisa (Reid), Tom takes a job house-sitting for his cantankerous, and very particular, boss. You can just smell the comic possibilities. Unfortunately, that's not the odor emanating here, despite a solid supporting cast, which includes a typically pneumatic appearance from Dimension Films icon Electra. The whirlwind of destructive disaster, and Kutcher's deer-in-the-headlights routine runs as thin as Electra's t-shirts. 84m/C VHS, DVD . US Ashton Kutcher, Tara Reid, Terence Stamp, Jeffrey Tambor, Andy Richter, Michael Madsen, Jon Abrahams, David Koechner, Carmen Electra, Molly Shannon, Kenan Thompson; D: David Zucker; W: David Dorfman; C: Martin McGrath; M: Teddy Castellucci.