My Blue Heaven 1950

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My Blue Heaven ★★½ 1950

Sentimental musical comedy-drama has successful husband and wife showbiz team Grable and Dailey try to start a family. When pregnant Molly (Grable) loses her baby in a car accident, she and husband/partner Jack (Dailey) decide to adopt, as they also try to make the transition from a popular radio show to TV. Some dialogue considered risque at the time of release wouldn't raise an eyebrow today. 96m/C DVD . Betty Grable, Dan Dailey, David Wayne, Jane Wyatt, Mitzi Gaynor, Una Merkel, Dan Hicks, Louise Beavers, Mae Marsh, Elinor Donahue; D: Henry Koster; W: Claude Binyon, Lamar Trotti; C: Arthur E. Arling.