Lust and Revenge

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Lust and Revenge ★★ 1995

When wealthy George Oliphant (Haywood) needs a tax break, he commissions a statue (to be donated to the National Gallery) and gets daughter Georgina (Karvan) to choose the subject and artist. Flirty Georgina hires lesbian sculptress Lily (Eagger) and decides on the depiction of a male nude, for which Karl-Heniz Applebaum (Hope) is hired to pose. Applebaum's religious wife Cecilia (Dobrowolska) is not pleased, especially when hubby begins an affair. But she's also not above plotting a suitable revenge. Last role for Hargreaves (a cameo as a gallery habitue) while Hughes, who also worked for director Cox in “My First Wife,” plays a male financial adviser. 95m/C VHS . AU Claudia Karvan, Chris Haywood, Nicholas Hope, Gosia Dobrowolska, Victoria Eagger, Norman Kaye; Cameos: Wendy Hughes, John Hargreaves; D: Paul Cox; W: Paul Cox, John Clarke; C: Nino Martinetti; M: Paul Grabowsky.