Lust for Dracula

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Lust for Dracula Woof! 2004 (R)

Softcore Dracula story has Mina Harker (Mundae) kept in a drugged stupor by husband Jonathan (Wells)—so drugged that she apparently doesn't realize her husband is a woman. But then, so is Dracula (Caine) and all the vamp minions. Mina's sister Abigail (Shelly Jones) wants to destroy Dracula and get Jonathan for herself. Let's face it, no one's watching this for the plot but for skin and girl-on-girl action. 90m/C DVD . Darian Caine, Misty Mundae, Shelly Jones, Julian Wells, Andrea Davis; D: Anthony Marsiglia; W: Anthony Marsiglia; C: Dang Lenawea; M: Don Mike. VIDEO