Lusinchi, Jaime (1924–)

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Lusinchi, Jaime (1924–)

Jaime Lusinchi, born on May 27, 1924, was president of Venezuela from 1984 to 1989. While studying medicine at the Central University of Venezuela and the University of the East, Lusinchi became active in Venezuela's Democratic Action (Acción Democrática—AD). From 1952 to 1958 he was exiled by the military dictatorship. After his return, the young pediatrician became a member of the national executive committee of AD. He also served in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. From 1980 to 1983 he was the party's secretary-general. In the 1983 presidential election he defeated Rafael Caldera, the candidate of the Social Christian COPEI (Comité de Organización Política Electoral Independiente) Party. As president, Lusinchi presided over a period of low oil prices and rising discontent; scandals also plagued his administration. Nevertheless, he left office with high public approval ratings. He lives in Miami, Florida.

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