Lustig, Aaron 1956–(Aaron Luftig)

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LUSTIG, Aaron 1956(Aaron Luftig)


Born September 17, 1956, in Rochester, NY; children: Sam, Abby. Education: Ithaca College, B.F.A. in acting and directing.

Addresses: Agent House of Representatives, 400 S. Beverly Dr., Suite 101, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. Manager Liberman Zerman Management, 252 N. Larchmont Blvd., Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90004.

Career: Actor.

Awards, Honors: Daytime Emmy Award nomination, outstanding supporting actor in a drama series, 1997, for The Young and the Restless.


Television Appearances; Movies:

Doctor Kent, Leap of Faith (also known as Question of Faith ), CBS, 1988.

Ellis Scott, Naked Lie, CBS, 1989.

Reporter at beach, Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys, ABC, 1990.

Anesthesiologist, The Operation, CBS, 1990.

Frazier Lawyer, Empty Cradle, ABC, 1993.

Teacher Haldeman, The Day My Parents Ran Away (also known as Missing Parents ), Fox, 1993.

Douglas Hirschman, Ray Alexander: A Taste for Justice, NBC, 1994.

Dr. Shapiro, A Mother's Prayer, USA, 1995.

Cemetery manager, An Element of Truth, CBS, 1995.

Paul Shaffer, The Late Shift, HBO, 1996.

Tom, "1952," If These Walls Could Talk, HBO, 1996.

Mike, After Jimmy, CBS, 1996.

Defense Attorney, Murder in Mind, HBO, 1997.

Rabbi Al Axelrod, Tuesdays with Morrie (also known as Oprah Winfrey Presents: Tuesdays with Morrie ), ABC, 1999.

Sherwood Schwaltz, Surviving Gilligan's Island: The Incredibly True Story of the Longest ThreeHour Tour in History, CBS, 2001.

Television Appearances; Series:

Tim Reid, The Young and the Restless (also known as Y & R ), CBS, 19961998.

Dr. Timothy "Tim" Reid, The Bold and the Beautiful (also known as Belleza y poder ), CBS, 2001.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

First FBI agent, Family of Spies, CBS, 1990.

Medical examiner, Blind Faith, NBC, 1990.

Television Appearances; Specials:

What's Right with America (documentary), CBS, 1997.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Murder, She Wrote, 1984.

L.A. Law, 1986.

Bookstore customer, "Here's Who Ordered the Pizza," The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, NBC, 1988.

Dr. Darrow, "Chao Ong," China Beach, ABC, 1988.

Henry Geyster, "Country Girl," Dallas, CBS, 1989.

Amos N. Andy, Alien Nation, Fox, 1989.

Second Willie, "Wanted: Dead or Alive," ALF, NBC, 1989.

Meadows, "A Moving Experience," The Bradys, CBS, 1990.

Officer Hitner, "Whenever I Feel Afraid," Empty Nest, NBC, 1990.

Assistant, "Four Women," Falcon Crest, 1990.

Meadows, "Hat in the Ring," The Bradys, 1990.

Gary, "Clean Sweep," Going Places, 1990.

State Department Official, "13th Episode Anniversary Special," Good Grief, Fox, 1991.

"The Undergraduate," Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Fox, 1991.

Judge Bowers, "RapedJune 20, 1980," Quantum Leap, NBC, 1991.

Dr. Rand, "Aftermath," Reasonable Doubts, NBC, 1991.

Tim, "The Pineapple Bowl: Part 1," Coach, ABC, 1991.

"Lose the Boss," L.A. Law, NBC, 1991.

Dr. Rand, "One Woman's Word," Reasonable Doubts, 1991.

"For Better or Perverse," Civil Wars, ABC, 1992.

Attendant, "Rock of Ages," Married... with Children, Fox, 1992.

Sanders, "Ted over Heels," Flying Blind, Fox, 1993.

Mr. Sanders, "Panic in Neil's Park," Flying Blind, Fox, 1993.

Ed Hicks' doctor, "Testing, Testing, 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4," L.A. Law, NBC, 1993.

"The Unplanned Child," Mad about You, NBC, 1993.

Dr. Hangarter, "Home Is Where the Heart Attack Is," The Fresh Prince of BelAir, NBC, 1993.

(As Aaron Luftig) Additional voices, Family Dog, CBS, 1993.

Mr. Berry, "Whoomp! There It Ain't," Martin, 1993.

"American Dick," Duckman, USA, 1994.

Augie Blumbacher, "The Murder Channel," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1994.

Sweet Justice, 1994.

Party of Five, 1994.

"Bear with Me," Dave's World, CBS, 1995.

Doctor, "Ex Post Facto," Star Trek: Voyager, UPN, 1995.

Bill, "No Two Things in Nature Are Exactly Alike," The Drew Carey Show, ABC, 1995.

Neurologist, "E. R.," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1995.

Phil Yosway, "Death of a Saleswoman," Dave's World, CBS, 1995.

"At the Pantheon: Part 2," Love & War, 1995.

Sidney, "Who's Got the Button?," The Crew, 1995.

Maitre 'D, "Eating Hollywood," Unhappily Ever After, 1996.

Terrell, "Valentine's Day," Party of Five, Fox, 1996.

Terrell, "Happily Ever After," Party of Five, Fox, 1996.

Dr. Nadler, "Out of Chicago," Nash Bridges, CBS, 1997.

Dr. Alexander, "The Party Favor," Men Behaving Badly, NBC, 1997.

Wilheim, "Break Yourself, Fool," The Jamie Foxx Show, The WB, 1997.

Flunky/V. P., "You Just Can't Trust Anybody These Days," Spy Game, ABC, 1997.

Mr. Sykes, "The Play Scene," Moesha, UPN, 1997.

"Fallout," Pensacola: Wings of Gold, syndicated, 1997.

Rabbi Switkin, "Loss," Tracey Takes On..., HBO, 1998.

Dr. Gerald Talbot, "Don't Kill the Messenger," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1998.

Lloyd Spivak, "Imagine: Part 1," Michael Hayes, CBS, 1998.

Photographer, "Caroline and the Visit from Mom," Caroline in the City, NBC, 1998.

Dr. Gerald Talbot, "Speak for Yourself, Bruce Clayton," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1998.

Dr. Gerald Talbot, "I Don't Wanna Dye," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1998.

Stanley, "The Apology," Sports Night, ABC, 1998.

"Slayer," Brimstone, Fox, 1998.

Tom Binner, "Someone to Trust," The Pretender, 1998.

Attorney Peter Bowe, "Heat Wave," Ally McBeal, 1999.

Rabbi, "Books," Tracey Takes On..., HBO, 1999.

Voice, "I Never Met the Dead Man," Family Guy, Fox, 1999.

Marv, "Terms of Employment," Will & Grace, NBC, 1999.

Dr. Severson, "Sex and the Sally," 3rd Rock from the Sun, NBC, 1999.

"Second Chance," Family Law, CBS, 2000.

Senate aide, "Let Bartlet Be Bartlet," The West Wing, NBC, 2000.

Mr. Blumberg, "The Quality of Mercy," Family Law, CBS, 2001.

Ted Clayton, "Subject: The Final Word," Freaky Links, Fox, 2001.

Silverton's attorney, "Sex, Lies, and Internet," Family Law, CBS, 2001.

Dr. McDonald, "We'll Be Right Back," She Spies, NBC, 2002.

Mr. Blumberg, "Celano v. Foster," Family Law, CBS, 2002.

Dr. Harris, "Womb Raider," Charmed, The WB, 2002.

Tim Reid, "Episode 7526," The Young and the Restless, CBS, 2002.

Guri, "The Catwalk," Enterprise, UPN, 2002.

Film Appearances:

Norman, the producer, Ghostbusters II, Columbia, 1989.

Martin Katz, Darkman, MCA/Universal, 1990.

Psychologist, Edward Scissorhands, Twentieth CenturyFox, 1990.

Boring speaker, L.A. Story, TriStar, 1991.

Technician, Memoirs of an Invisible Man (also known as Les adventures d'un homme invisible ), Warner Bros., 1992.

Morning desk clerk, Roadside Prophets, Fine Line, 1992.

Vernon Locknut, Bad Channels, Paramount, 1992.

Movie bully, The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them, Miramax, 1993.

Jack, I'll Do Anything, Columbia, 1994.

Store manager, Monkey Trouble (also known as Pet ), New Line Cinema, 1994.

Doctor, The Shadow, Universal, 1994.

Dr. Polk, Clear and Present Danger, Paramount, 1994.

Doctor, No Dessert Dad, til You Mow the Lawn, 1994.

Girth of a Nation, 1994.

Judge, Boys on the Side (also known as Avec ou sans hommes ), Warner Bros., 1995.

Fred, Stuart Saves His Family, Paramount, 1995.

Doctor Gordon, Scanner Cop II (also known as Scanner Cop II: Volkin's Revenge, Scanners IV: Scanner Cop, and Scanners: The Showdown ), Showdown, 1995.

Dr. Edwards, Pinocchio's Revenge (also known as Pinocchio ), Vidmark, 1996.

Dr. Brown, The Relic (also known as Das Relikt ), Paramount, 1997.

Defense attorney, Murder in Mind, Hallmark, 1997.

Paul, Blood Type, 1999.

Fulvio's neighbor, Gun Shy, Buena Vista, 2000.

Synedyne supervisor, Bedazzled, Twentieth CenturyFox, 2000.