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L'Eleve ★★ The Pupil 1995

In 1897 Europe, an aristocratic family hires inexperienced 25-year-old Julien (Cassel) to tutor their precocious teenaged son, Morgan (Salmon). After a tentative battle for control, the two establish a strong emotional rapport and Julien learns that the family is not only in financial difficulty but is part of an empty, amoral social class only concerned with appearance. Based on a story by Henry James; French with subtitles. 92m/C VHS . FR Vincent Cassel, Caspar Solmon, Caroline Cellier, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Sabine Destailleur, Sandrine Le Berre; D: Olivier Schatzky; W: Eve Deboise, Olivier Schatzky; C: Carlo Varini; M: Romano Musumarra. Montreal World Film Fest. ‘95: Director (Schatzky).