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L'Addition ★★½ The Patsy; Caged Heart 1985 (R)

According to some cinematic code, the male lead always gets in lots of trouble whenever he tries to help a beautiful stranger. This time, Berry, as Bruno Windler, winds up arrested for shoplifting when he attempts to help Abril. Jailed and on the verge of parole, Windler unwittingly becomes involved in a prison break and is accused of helping a crime don mastermind the escape and of shooting a guard. That's where that gallic flair for capturing the sadomasochistic underbelly of humanity comes in, as Windler is viciously pursued by the malevolent guard. 85m/C VHS . Richard Berry, Victoria Abril, Richard Bohringer, Farid Chopel, Fabrice Eberhard; D: DenisAmar; W: Jean Curtelin; C: Robert Fraisse; M: Jean-Claude Petit.