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L'Appat ★★ Fresh Bait; Live Bait; The Bait 1994

Deglamourizing, if familiar, look at amoral teens and violence. 18-year-old salesgirl Nathalie (Gillain) supports her unemployed boyfriend Eric (Sitruk) and his dim-bulb buddy Bruno (Putzulu). The guys hang out, watch too many gangster videos, and try to be tough, deciding to get rich by dangling Nathalie as bait. She goes to a man's home (presumably for sex) but Eric and Bruno will break in and rob the mark instead. Plan goes awry when their first victim is killed. What's truly disturbing is the trio's blase attitude that crime is a viable way to obtain money or that anything would happen to them should they be caught. Based on the book by Morgan Sportes, which recounted the 1984 crime. French with subtitles. 117m/C VHS . FR Marie Gillain, Olivier Sitruk, Bruno Putzu-lu, Philippe Duclos, Richard Berry; D: Bertrand Tavernier; W: Bertrand Tavernier, Colo Tavernier O'Hagan; M: Philippe Haim. Berlin Intl. Film Fest. '94: Film.