Lappé, Frances Moore

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LAPPÉ, Frances Moore

LAPPÉ, Frances Moore. American, b. 1944. Genres: Agriculture/Forestry, Economics, Education, Food and Wine, Human relations/Parenting, International relations/Current affairs, Politics/Government, Race relations, Social commentary, Social work, Urban studies, Writing/Journalism. Career: Author, lecturer. Publications: Diet for Small Planet, 1971, 1975, 1982; Great Meatless Meals, 1976; (with J. Collins) Food First, 1977; (with J. Collins) World Hunger, 1979; (with A. Beccar-Varela) Mozambique and Tanzania, 1980; (co-author) Aid as Obstacle, 1980; (co-author) What Can We Do? A Food, Land, Hunger Action Guide, 1980; (co-author) Casting New Molds, 1980; (co-author) Now We Can Speak, 1983; What Difference Could a Revolution Make? 1983; What to Do After You Turn Off the TV, 1985; (with J. Collins) World Hunger: Twelve Myths, 1986; (co-author) Betraying the National Interest, 1987; Rediscovering America's Values, 1989; (with R. Schurman) Taking Population Seriously, 1990; (with P.M. Dubois) The Quickening of America, 1994. Address: 6 Frost St, Cambridge, MA 02140-1503, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]