Kochan, Miriam (Louise)

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KOCHAN, Miriam (Louise)

KOCHAN, Miriam (Louise). British, b. 1929. Genres: History, Translations. Career: General Ed., Berg Women's Series; Sub-Ed., Reuters Economic Services, London, 1951-54. Publications: Life in Russia Under Catherine the Great, 1969; Catherine the Great, 1976; The Last Days of Imperial Russia, 1976; Prisoners of England, 1980; Britain's Internees in the Second World War, 1983. TRANSLATIONS: Greece, by Jeanne and Georges Roux, 1958; Gothic Cathedrals of France, by Marcel Aubert, 1959; Maya Cities, by Paul Rivet, 1960; The World of Archaeology, by Marcel Brion, 1961; Carthage, by Gilbert Picard, 1964; The Greek Adventure, by Pierre Leveque, 1968; Meiji 1868, by Paul Akamatsu, 1972; Capitalism and Material Life, by Fernand Braudel, 1973; History of Anti-Semitism vol. III, by Leon Poliakov, 1975; The Jewish Bankers and The Holy See, by Leon Poliakov, 1977; (with P. Engel) The Norm of Truth, by Pascal Engel, 1991; Anti-Semitism in France, by Pierre Birnbaum, 1992; A Social History of France in the 19th Century, by Christophe Charle, 1994; Haim Nahun, by Esther Benbassa, 1995. Address: 237 Woodstock Rd, Oxford, England.