Katz, Avner

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KATZ, Avner

KATZ, Avner. Israeli, b. 1939. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Artist and writer/illustrator of books for children and adults. Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem, Israel, Avni Institute for Painting, Tel Aviv, Israel, and Hamidrasha for Painting, Tel Aviv, Israel, instructor, 1976-80; University of Haifa, Israel, instructor, 1978-, head of creative arts department, 1988-91, associate professor, 1993-. Solo exhibitions in Israel and the US. Group exhibitions in England, Israel, Czechoslovakia. Publications: SELECTED TITLES FOR CHILDREN; WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY KATZ. IN ENGLISH TRANSLATION: The King Who Was Not, 1989, originally published as Mishehu Motse Keter, 1979; My First Love, 1989, originally published as Ahava Rishona, 1989; Tortoise Solves a Problem, 1993, originally published as Veaz Hatzab Bana lo Bai't, 1979; The Little Pickpocket, 1996, originally published as Hakayas Hakatan, 1979. IN HEBREW: Chamor Af (title means: The Flying Donkey), 1979; Mishehu Motse Perach (title means: Tommy and the Flower), 1979; Mishehu Motse Keter (title means: Tommy and the Crown), 1979; Shabtai Vehatsipor (title means: Shabtai and the Bird), 1985; Hutz Miprat Ze Oh Aher, Hacol Emet (title means: Apart From a Few Details, Everything is True), 1986. Illustrator of titles in Hebrew. Author and illustrator of twelve humorous horoscope books. Contributor of short stories and poems to anthologies. Address: 12 She'erit Israel St., 47201 Ramat-Hasharon, Israel.