Like It Is

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Like It Is ★★★ 1998

Young Craig (Bell) makes his living in illegal bare-knuckles fighting matches in the old British beach resort town of Blackpool. After one win, he heads for a local disco where he meets ambitious London record producer, Matt (Rose), who's accompanying his roommate, singer Paula (Behr), to a gig. Uncertain of his sexual feelings, Craig can't follow through on his attraction to the willing Matt but does soon turn up on his London doorstep. However, not only is jealous Paula a problem for their budding romance but so is Kelvin (Daltry), Matt's manipulative gay boss. Appealing lead performances but vet Daltry steals scenes with smarmy charm. Accents and slang will be a challenge to American ears. 95m/ C VHS, DVD . GB Steve Bell, Ian Rose, Dani Behr, Roger Daltrey; D: Paul Oremland; W: Robert Cray; C: Alistair Cameron; M: Don McGlashan.