Like Father Like Son 2005

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Like Father Like Son ★★½ 2005

When teacher Dominic Milne gets engaged to Dee Stanton, she finally admits that she isn't a widow but that her exhusband, Paul, is imprisoned as a serial killer. Her 15-year-old son Jamie overhears Dee's confession and demands to see the father he was told was dead and Dee is frightened that Jamie will become fascinated by the manipulative monster. Then Morag, a pupil whom Jamie was accused of stalking, is strangled and he falls under suspicion. Is Jamie following in his father's footsteps or is someone else close to Dee actually the killer? 137m/C DVD . GB Robson Green, Jemma Redgrave, Somerset Prew, Philip Davis, Tara Fitzgerald, Francesca Fowler, Georgia Moffett, Florence Bell; D: Nicholas Laughland; W: Shaun McKenna; C: Dominic Clemence; M: John Lunn. TV