Like a Fish Out of Water

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Like a Fish Out of Water ★★ Comme un Poisson Hors de'Eau 1999

Muller is an average loveless, middle-aged nobody with a tropical fish hobby. This is how he's set up by a trio of con artists who need his help in stealing a very rare and valuable tropical fish, which they will hold for ransom until the eccentric owner pays up. Belucci's the femme who entices Muller while Karyo is the alleged brains of the operation and Pinon the crazy muscle. French with subtitles. 90m/C VHS, DVD . FR Michel Muller, Monica Bellucci, Tcheky Karyo, Dominique Pinon; D: Herve Hadmar; W: Michel Muller, Herve Hadmar, Christopher Bergeronneau; C: Jacques Boumendil.