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If… ★★★★ 1969 (R)

Three unruly seniors at a British boarding school refuse to conform. A popular, anarchic indictment of staid British society, using the same milieu as Vigo's “Zero de Conduite,” with considerably more violence. The first of Anderson and McDowell's trilogy, culminating with “O Lucky Man!” and “Britannia Hospital.” In color and black and white. 111m/C VHS, DVD . GB Malcolm McDowell, David Wood, Christine Noonan, Richard Warwick, Robert Swann, Arthur Lowe, Mona Washbourne, Graham Crowden, Hugh Thomas, Guy Rose, Peter Jeffrey, Geoffrey Chater, Mary MacLeod, Anthony Nicholls, Ben Aris, Charles Lloyd-Pack, Rupert Webster, Brian Pettifer, Sean Bury, Michael Cadman; D: Lindsay Anderson; W: David Sherwin; C: Miroslav Ondricek; M: Marc Wilkinson. Cannes ‘69: Film.